Can I Hire a Van For a Half-Day?

Van hiring can be crucial for people who have no access to a van at all. With this in mind, are there specific lengths of time that a van has to be hired for? Or can you hire a van for less than a day?

In this blog, we will answer the question ‘Can I hire a van for a half-day?’

North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd is here to provide solutions for you. With over 30 years of experience under our belts, our services are valued and recognised in North London and beyond. Our expertise is to help you find the right van, for the right job.

Our fleet includes small, medium and large vans, in addition to mini buses, automatic vans, electric vans and more!

What is the longest period I can hire a van for?

This will vary between hiring services, but at North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd we have the potential for you to hire one of our vehicles for months if needs be. If you are certain that you will require one of our vehicles for an extended period, please get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs.

That being said, if you are hiring one of our vehicles for an extended period, there may be occasions in which the vehicle will need to be returned to conduct maintenance, or to conduct an MOT etc. However, this will be made clear in advance if such a requirement is necessary.

When it comes to the hiring practices of other services, they may offer limited hiring periods, or just as long as ours. Be sure to do your due diligence and find the deal that works best for you before making a decision.

Is it a crime to have a hired vehicle longer than agreed?

Yes. Any reputable vehicle hiring service will have a written agreement that is signed by all relevant parties before agreeing to hire a vehicle to you. Stipulations of the agreement will vary between hiring services, however, all of them will likely have stipulations that involve consequences of an unjustified late return.

If you do return a vehicle late without informing the service in advance (for example if you’re stuck in traffic because of an accident etc). Or, if you keep the vehicle beyond the agreed hiring period without informing the service and making the necessary payments, you will be committing a crime.

Because the agreement you signed is legally binding, you agreed to the stipulations, and the consequences should you fail to heed the stipulations. If you still refuse, legal action will likely be taken against you, which can result in fines, and other charges, depending on the situation.

The only way this can be mitigated is if there are clear contradictions, a loophole or a lack of clarity within the agreement. This however is highly unlikely, as any reputable hiring service will have meticulous agreements prepared by those with legal experience.

Can I hire a van for a half-day?

Can I hire a van for a half-day?

Yes. North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd provides the choice of hiring our vans for a half-day should you need it. Our hiring services can be used over the space of hours if necessary. This is a great benefit to anybody who only needs temporary usage for a van.

Maybe you need to collect or move furniture over the space of a few hours, maybe you are an independent business delivering your products first-hand around your area. Whatever the use, rest assured that our vans are fit for purpose and available to use at any time. (Subject to availability).

Whether you hire one of our vans for less than a day, or a few weeks or more, please be aware of your scheduled drop-off time. This is the time you have agreed to return the van to us. If any issues can cause a delay, we request you notify us immediately so you avoid any penalties that arise from late returns.

It is worth keeping in mind that the practices of other hiring companies may differ. This can be in terms of rates, deposits and more. When looking for vehicle hire services, to avoid excessive travel, it is best to find services that are in your locality, or in the locality of the area you will be driving the van around.

North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd is based in Enfield, North London, so please keep this in mind before making your bookings.

Can I extend my hiring period?

Yes, the hiring period can be extended should you require it. However, you must tell us this in advance, so if you’re only hiring the van for half a day, you must tell us as early as possible.

We can not guarantee that we can extend the hiring period every time, as this can affect other hires we have already agreed to. This is why telling us in advance is necessary, as we can make rearrangements if needed.

What if I can’t extend the hiring period with the current van I’m using?

If we are unable to extend the hiring period with the van you originally hired, we can explore options with other vans that fit or are close to the specifications you require. However, as we mentioned before, this is all subject to availability.

How to hire a van online

How to hire a van online

With North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd, our hiring process is incredibly efficient and simple. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Head to our website
  2. Select your pick-up location, followed by return location, pick-up date, pick-up time, drop-off date, and drop-off time. Then press enter.
  3. Select the van you require. (Please note that availability will change as other people are making/have made bookings).
  4. After choosing the van, follow on to the next page, where you can select any add-ons you may require.
  5. After selecting add-ons, follow on to the next page, where you need to enter personal details.
  6. If your details comply with our requirements, we will present a quote, which you can choose to pay, or try another service.
  7. If you are happy with this quote, we arrange a time for you to come to the showroom, view the van, and complete the rental process by verifying the required documentation.

Do I get money back if my hiring period is shorter than agreed?

We understand that sometimes, there are circumstances beyond your control that mean you don’t need the hired vehicle for as long as originally planned. If this instance should occur, you should immediately get in touch with us.

Circumstances like these are dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and factors that can affect this


  • The circumstances at play
  • The remaining duration of the hiring period
  • The state of the vehicle upon return

We ensure that we help our customers to the best of our ability, if you find yourself in this predicament, please contact us.

Enquire about van hire today

Enquire about van hire today

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In this blog, we hope to have provided all the answers you require when it comes to answering the question ‘Can I hire a van for a half-day?’ Whilst providing supplementary information to help you make an informed choice when it comes to van hire.

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