Can Someone Over 70 Hire a Van UK

Not every person over the age of 70 has family, friends, or access to help for all of their needs. Whilst, on the other hand, some are extremely independent and possibly still working in their businesses. So what is the process if an over 70 needs a van?

In this blog, we will answer the question ‘Can someone over 70 hire a van in the UK?’

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Does being over 70 impair driving ability?

In some cases, advanced age can contribute to impaired driving ability. However, this is completely subjective to the individuals themselves. Speaking in a general sense, those over 70 are more likely to experience the following issues…

  • Delayed physical response to danger. – As you age, your reflexes generally become more delayed. In instances of a crash occurring, a split-second decision can be the reason a crash is worse, or prevented from being worse.
  • Weakness that can contribute to diminished driving ability. – If left unmaintained through lack of exercise, physical weakness due to old age becomes a problem as driving requires a base level of strength. For example, lifting a handbrake.
  • Weaker eyesight. – Anyone can experience weaker eyesight for a variety of reasons regardless of age. However, the chances of this increases as you age.
  • Can be hard of hearing. – Being hard of hearing is an issue when driving. Although hearing aids are a viable solution if the person in question is overdue for a hearing checkup, this oversight can cause issues on the road.
  • Issues arising from conditions such as dementia. – This problem can make the sufferer forget things such as who they are, where they are, and what they are doing. This can be a serious issue if the person suffering from dementia is also driving at the time.

What if someone below 70 with health conditions wants to hire a van?

Understandably, there may be people below the age of 70 who have one or some of the issues that are previously highlighted. Regardless of age, if there are health issues that can affect your ability to drive a van, then it will be assessed before the hire is accepted.  With North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd, each hiring request is taken on a case-by-case basis.

Are there any issues that prevent hiring a van?

If the following factors apply, there is a high likelihood they will not be able to hire a van from a van hiring service.

  • Being below the age of 21
  • Have reached a level of cognitive impairment due to old age.
  • People with certain physical impairments, unless there is a van that accommodates that impairment.
  • Those with a driving history that compromises their eligibility to drive a van.
  • Any potential customer who is rude or threatening to staff.
  • Anyone with a criminal history that compromises their eligibility to drive a hired van (e.g. vehicle theft).
  • Having no driving licence
  • Having an expired driving licence

Can someone over 70 hire a van UK?

Can someone over 70 hire a van UK?

Although there are many over 70’s who are completely healthy, and extremely competent drivers. When it comes to hiring a van, however, precautions must be put in place to protect the driver and any one of the vehicles that they choose.

Depending on the hiring company you enquire with, they may have an age restriction for anyone below their mid 20’s, or entering and above their 70’s. That being said, many vehicle hiring companies have exceptions in which an additional payment must be made.

So can someone over 70 hire a van in the UK? The answer is yes. However, you have to make enquiries to find out which hiring company has no upper-age restriction, or has exemptions to their upper-age restriction.

Why are there upper-age restrictions for hiring vehicles?

Upper age restrictions may seem ageist, however, they are there for a valid reason, which is to ensure the safety of the potential driver and other road users. As you age, the likelihood of health issues arising becomes a greater risk. This can include heart attacks, strokes, or bouts of dementia.

Many elderly people, especially as they enter an advanced age are less likely to be independent due to failing strength, medical complications or other issues. It would be dishonest and despicable to provide hiring services to people who are not of able body and mind.

This is why any reputable hiring company will ensure that the correct checks are made before considering hiring a vehicle for someone who is at risk, this includes the elderly and those below 25.

Can 18-year-olds hire a van?

Generally, no. However, there may be exceptions within the policies of certain hiring companies. This may include an additional payment.

The reason 18-year-olds are less likely to be accepted to hire vans is simply because of a lack of road experience, because of this, there is a likelihood of rash decisions which could cause accidents. In most cases, 21-25 is the youngest age to hire a van.

What do people 70+ need to provide to hire a van?

What do people 70+ need to provide to hire a van?

As standard, the following documents are required before hiring a van with North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd…

  • Driving Licence — Must be held for at least 12 months, with no serious endorsements.
  • Proof Of Address (Utility Bill, Bank Statement).
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • DVLA Check Code (of the driver)

If you are above a certain age, we may require relevant medical history, this is to ensure we have made the correct checks to enable you to hire one of our vans without risking your safety, or the safety of pedestrians/other road users.

The easiest way to hire a van

With North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd, our hiring process is incredibly efficient and simple. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Head to our website
  2. Select your pick-up location, followed by return location, pick-up date, pick-up time, drop-off date, and drop-off time. Then press enter.
  3. Select the van you require. (Please note that availability will change as other people are making/have made bookings).
  4. After choosing the van, follow on to the next page, where you can select any add-ons you may require.
  5. After selecting add-ons, follow on to the next page, where you need to enter personal details.
  6. If your details comply with our requirements, we will present a quote, which you can choose to pay, or try another service.
  7. If you are happy with this quote, we arrange a time for you to come to the showroom, view the van, and complete the rental process by verifying the required documentation.

Hire a van in the UK today

Hire a van in the UK today

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