How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Van in the UK?

If you have tried to hire a van before, you may have come across prices that are sky-high, and others that are too good to be true. How does the cost of van hire work? Is there a method to it?

In this blog, we will answer the question ‘How much does it cost to hire a van in the UK?’

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When should I hire a van?

Hiring a van can prove to be vital in many instances. Notably when it comes to moving homes, or transporting large objects that can’t fit in your vehicle.

Sometimes, there are options for services to do this for us, but surprisingly at times it could actually end up being cheaper for you to hire a van and do it yourself. The benefit of this is that you are in control of the items you are moving.

If you’re planing to hire a van, you should make sure that it is something you plan in advance. If you leave it to the last minute, the van you wanted to hire may not be available by the time you decide to hire it.

Planning in advance also allows you to be prepared. For example, if you realise after planning that you need to hire the van for longer than you originally anticipated, you can account for that. Rather than realising whilst you’re hiring the van, and chasing up an extension period for your hire.

Van hire also comes in handy because it is more cost-effective than buying a van, especially if you only need it for a short term basis. Furthermore, hiring a van means you do not need to deal with maintenance or repairs that the van needs, as it will be done before you hire it.

Who can’t hire a van?

Almost anyone can hire a van, though there are circumstances in which someone can not are generally the same across the board, regardless of the hiring company you use, they are…

  • Being below the age of 21
  • Have reached a level of cognitive impairment due to old age.
  • People with certain physical impairments, unless there is a van that accommodates for that impairment.
  • Those with a driving history that compromises their eligibility to drive a van.
  • Any potential customer who is rude or threatening to staff.
  • Anyone with a criminal history that compromises their eligibility to drive a hired van (E.g vehicle theft).
  • Having no driving licence
  • Having an expired driving licence

How much does it cost to hire a van in the UK?

How much does it cost to hire a van in the UK?

The cost of hiring a van isn’t straightforward. This is because there is more than one factor that may affect the pricing, this includes…

  • The duration of the hire.
  • Additional length requested after the original duration period
  • The age of the person hiring (21-24 will have a higher rate).
  • The van being hired (Is it automatic, manual, electric, hybrid etc).
  • The rates set by the hiring company, which varies between company.

It should be noted, that whatever deal we present, our rate includes full breakdown cover, and insurance.

Are there additional costs to van hiring?

In certain circumstances, you can incur charges. This is mainly if the van comes back in a state that requires repair, or if you have purposely ignored our stipulations when it comes to hiring our vans.

Furthermore, late costs can also be added. If there are any instances in which you make changes to the van without our knowledge or permission, you will be charged the price to rectify the change you made.

If I hire a van, can I make changes?

Hiring a van is a temporary process, even if the duration is for a long period of time.If your changes include adjusting the seat for your comfort, that isn’t a problem, as it can be readjusted.

When you hire a van, it does not mean that you own it. It will be returned to us, and as such, we require a standard quality that makes our vans accessible to anyone interested.

Good vs bad van hiring

Good vs bad van hiring

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In some instances, some van hiring companies put money before safety and even legality. As a result, they are more willing to let a van be hired, that any reputable van hiring company would not allow. By doing this, they are risking the safety of you, other road users, and their reputation as a business.

Additionally, if the van is stopped by the police, not only can the driver receive charges, depending on why they were stopped, but you can too, if your van was hired in an unfit state.

Good van hiring practices include…

  • The van is road safe, legal, and in full working order.
  • Maintenance is delivered to the van regularly.
  • The hiring company asks for the relevant documents and information before allowing you to hire their vehicle.

Bad van hiring practices include

  • They fail to ask, or consider asking for, any legal documentation to ensure you are legally able to drive.
  • There is little to no relevant maintenance carried out on the van.
  • The van has already sustained damages, or has issues that prevent the van from operating as it should.
  • They provide a different vehicle than the one you chose to hire.
  • The tires have little to no tread in them.
  • No age requirement to hire the van.

Van hiring duration

Hiring a van isn’t done on a day by day basis. Generally, van hire is set over a pre-agreed duration, whether this be one day, one week, or months. Most van hiring companies do allow for an extension on this duration, granted that it is mentioned before they believe it is too late. You should aim to inform a van hiring company immediately if the duration of your hire will be longer than you originally intended.

During the duration of hiring the van, there will be certain rules you must follow, which will be specified from the company you choose to hire with.

Any established and reputable hiring company will likely have tracking capabilities on their vehicles, in case they are stolen by someone, or not returned by the person who hired them. In some instances, you may receive a discounted price as a result of an extended duration of hiring.

You should also be aware of the responsibilities you hold during the duration of your hiring period. For example, refuelling the vehicle is your responsibility, as is driving the vehicle responsibly. It may seem silly to specify things like this, but some people will take as many liberties as possible if the rules are not outlined and set beforehand.

Hire a van today

Hire a van today

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