How Much to Hire a Minibus

Hiring a minibus for travel is a brilliant way to improve travel efficiency and comfort for passengers. However, we understand that the process and costs can be confusing for many.

Do you need to hire a minibus soon and want to know how much the process will cost? Access to the right transport can easily facilitate organising big trips or managing community duties. If planned correctly, costs can be saved. However, you should still be aware of the prices associated with hiring a minibus to ensure it’s the right decision for your situation.

Minibus hire from North London Van and Truck Hire Ltd (NLVTH) is an affordable and reliable solution for anyone. We have made it our mission to share everything you could possibly need to know about minibus hire through our articles. This blog is no exception to that, as we will shed some light on how much it costs to hire a minibus.

How Much Does Minibus Hire Cost?

Hiring a minibus is a brilliant option if you have larger groups of people to transport. The prices you can expect to pay are based on a range of factors, all of which contribute to different end bills. For this reason, it’s impossible to give one set price that represents the cost of hiring a minibus.

However, we can confirm that prices tend to be standard, at around £25 per hour. There will likely be lower prices available for longer hires, plus different hourly rates depending on the chosen vehicle.

Most companies will also offer insurance but drivers should still ensure their own coverage is applicable. This, plus other costs such as fuel and cleaning, will also need to be factored into the overall budget available when looking to hire a minibus.

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Hiring A Minibus?

What Factors Affect The Cost Of Hiring A Minibus?

When looking to hire a minibus, there are many factors that contribute to the cost you will need to pay. Driving a minibus is a popular choice as it can often result in a cost-efficient way for groups of people to travel. This means that supply and demand can also sometimes have an impact on the overall cost as is the case for any vehicle hiring services.

Below, we have listed some other factors that affect the cost of hiring a minibus.

Location And Distance To Travel

Firstly, your travel plan will directly impact the cost you will need to pay. In terms of the location to hire form, this will be affected by factors such as whether it’s a city or town and the number of other van hire solutions close by. Additionally, if you plan on picking up a van from a different location to which it’s returned, this will also result in a high price tag.

This factor can also affect costs as companies tend to charge in two ways. The first is by hour, and the second is by distance covered. You should choose the option that works best for you based on the plans you have for your intended journey.

Number of Drivers and Passengers

As is the norm for hiring any vehicle, it normally costs more when additional drivers are required. Therefore, if you plan on needing more drivers to cover longer journeys, this cost should be budgeted for.

Also the number of passengers will impact the over cost to hire as it means that a larger vehicle is needed. Most minibuses of standard size range from 9 to 16 seats but larger models are available.


Everyone knows that summer car hire is as much as 70% more expensive than other times of the year. This trend is also the case for hiring minibuses although the costs don’t tend to rise as much as that of cars. When there is more demand for travel vehicles, the costs will likely be higher to reflect the demand in place. That is something we do our best to combat at NLVTH, as we don’t think our customers should be penalised based on the time of year and they need to travel around.

Additionally, days of the week also impact this with weekdays tending to be lower in cost as services are not required as much at this time.

Special Features

Another cost that impacts the overall price of hiring a minibus is the additional features you may require.

Tools such as microphones and screens may be good to consider for models that are being used for volunteer or organisation purposes. Alternatively, if a minibus is being hired for travel needs for large groups, you may want to look for models with increased storage plus overhead racks. Another example is if the minibus is being used for night travel, as in this case, you may want to select reclining seats plus travel tables.

Other popular features which can cost more include air conditioning, music players, interior lights and different interior design options.

Do Different Minibus Models Have Varying Costs?

Yes, different types of minibus models will command different price tags even in addition to the features we have listed above.

When considering what van you should hire, you will need to choose between standard, executive and luxury options. Minibuses tend to seat up to 16 passengers, so if you need to travel with more people, looking at a coach is likely your best option.

Tips For Managing The Process Of Hiring A Minibus

  • Understand the average cost of a minibus hire in your location to ensure you have the right budget for the service. If not, you will need to consider alternative transport solutions.
  • Take time to create a brief of what type of minibus and features you require. This will ensure the hiring process is simple and that you only end up paying for the exact specification you are after.
  • Understand who can drive a minibus and ensure all drivers have suitable licences in place to proceed with the hire.
  • Ensure you have enough seating for passengers along with any special needs catered for, such as wheelchair equipment.
  • Book in plenty of time to secure competitive pricing and to guarantee the availability of the type of vehicle you require.
  • Make sure you understand the terms and conditions of hiring a minibus and have clear information supplied about supporting services such as insurance companies.
  • Choose a centralised pick-up and drop-off location, plus ensure the logistics work with your plans. If you miss an appointment or drop back the miniback late, you will likely incur a fine.
  • When planning travel time in a minibus, always account for driving breaks and possible interruptions to journeys. This will ensure you stay safe at all times and inline with the hire schedule.
  • Choose a professional hiring company that offers support, including insurance, low deposits, fair pricing, high-quality vehicles and a selection of models to choose from.

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Using a minibus for travel can be a complex task if you don’t know what to look for. However, when the right selection is made, it’s a brilliant solution to proceed with.

Hiring a minibus can be a cost-effective way for groups of people to travel around. If you manage the process by considering the elements we have included in this article, it’s simple to find a solution that works for your available budget and timeframe.

At NLVTH, we have a wide collection of vehicles to choose from which are readily available for any travel needs. Whether you need a standard model for a quick journey or an executive model for a long road trip, we have got you covered. As well as helping you to hire a minibus, we can also offer support with making a purchase thanks to the relationship we have with Herts and Essex Van Sales.

To gain a quote for an upcoming minibus hire, contact our team now.