How to Hire a Van From UK to Europe?

If you need to hire a van that will be going overseas into Europe, does this come with any additional difficulties? Does it cost more? Can it even be done? In truth, the answer isn’t exactly straightforward, as there are a variety of factors that come into play.

In this blog, we will provide guidance when it comes to understanding how to hire a van from the UK to Europe

North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd is here to provide solutions for you. With over 30 years of experience under our belts, our services are valued and recognised in North London and beyond. Our expertise is to help you find the right van, for the right job.

Our fleet includes small, medium and large vans, in addition to mini buses, automatic vans, electric vans and more!

Is there an environmentally friendly option to drive a van?

Yes. Aside from our fleet being 100% adherent to ULEZ regulations, we also have the option of our all-electric vans. Using our fleet will significantly mitigate environmental damage that would have occurred if all of our fleet was not compatible with ULEZ regulations.

How do I charge an all-electric van?

When hiring from us, we make sure our all-electric vans are fully charged before they are used. However, you would need to find a charger in your local area. Our staff can point you in the direction of chargers that are local to our unit.

That being said, there are many apps and websites available that can give you locations of your nearest charging areas, which can be vital if you are taking a long trip.

If I want to drive a vehicle abroad, does it have to be all-electric?

For the most part, no. Although electric vehicles are slowly being integrated, it isn’t a hard and fast rule in every country that every driver should have an all-electric vehicle. That being said, countries that are more conscious of their eco output, may incur additional charges on foreign vehicles that aren’t all-electric.

You should check any stipulations regarding this in advance before booking. You should check for the country that is the main destination, and any other countries or territories you may have to drive through, before, or after your arrival.

How to hire a van from UK to Europe

How to hire a van from UK to Europe

If you are opting to use a van-hiring service to drive the van outside of the UK mainland, you have to be sure that the service you are enquiring with allows this before making your booking. North London Van & Truth Hire Ltd vehicles are for use within the UK mainland only.

If you can not find any van-hiring services that allow for their vehicles to leave the UK mainland, then you may need to make enquiries with a service that handles road freight over Europe or internationally.

Why would hire vehicles need to stay in the UK?

There are multiple reasons as to why a van hiring service would prefer to keep their services within the UK, this can include…

  • Individual policies of the hiring service themselves.
  • Although UK vehicle insurance provides the minimum third-party cover in Europe, the stipulations will vary from country to country. This could mean additional costs need to be paid that may not be worth it, especially if the need to use a hired van in Europe isn’t in daily demand.
  • The risk of intentional, or unknowing smuggling can lead to legal complications, even if the hiring company did not know the hirer was going to be involved in such an act.
  • It can be harder to keep track of vehicles overseas.
  • There may be further complications as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

If I buy a van can I use it abroad?

Yes, if you own a vehicle, you are responsible for following the correct procedures for it to be used abroad, whether that is in Europe or beyond. If you are in the market for vans that are for sale, click here.

Do I need a passport when using a hired van in another country?

Do I need a passport when using a hired van in another country?

Yes. If you have permission to use a hired van overseas, then by default you would require your passport to travel. Additionally, it would be wise to have a copy of any relevant documents that can prove you are hiring the vehicle.

Upon entering the other country, the hired vehicle should not be driven by anyone other than those who are registered. Neglecting this can result in a variety of complications which can include legal action. 

Are driving laws universal?

No. If you are driving a vehicle abroad, be sure to understand if there are different rules or laws, this can include laws on…

  • The national speed limit of the country.
  • Insurance laws that are relevant to the country.
  • Driving etiquette of the country.
  • Rules for driving on motorways or ‘highways’
  • The side of the road that is driven on.

And more.

The process of van hire

With North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd, our hiring process is incredibly efficient and simple. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Head to our website
  2. Select your pick-up location, followed by return location, pick-up date, pick-up time, drop-off date, and drop-off time. Then press enter.
  3. Select the van you require. (Please note that availability will change as other people are making/have made bookings).
  4. After choosing the van, follow on to the next page, where you can select any add-ons you may require.
  5. After selecting add-ons, follow on to the next page, where you need to enter personal details.
  6. If your details comply with our requirements, we will present a quote, which you can choose to pay, or try another service.
  7. If you are happy with this quote, we arrange a time for you to come to the showroom, view the van, and complete the rental process by verifying the required documentation.

What do I need to hire a van?

You will need to have the following information on hand to complete any hiring process with us…

  • Driving Licence – This ensures you are legally qualified to drive, and are who you say you are.
  • Proof Of Address (Utility Bill, Bank Statement). – This also ensures your identity and address, should we need to send any further correspondence.
  • Credit or Debit Card – This is to process the payment.
  • DVLA Check Code (of the driver) – This ensures that the driver has a history that is compliant with our specifications.

Failure to provide any of these, or providing false documentation will result in your request for hire being nullified. If false documentation is provided, we are within our rights to inform the authorities, as attempting to hire a vehicle with a different identity can be classed as fraud.

If there are any queries or confusion regarding the information we require, please contact us.

Where to find vans for hire today

Where to find vans for hire today

North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd has over 30 years of experience, which has allowed us to provide a varied fleet of vans suitable for a variety of needs. We encourage you to get in contact with us today to see how we can help you. Below, you can find our opening hours, address, and contact details.

In this blog, we hope to have provided all the guidance you need when it comes to understanding how to hire a van from the UK to Europe. In addition, we aimed to provide supplementary information to help you make an informed choice when it comes to van hire.

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