The Best Minibus Hire for Concerts

Have you got an exciting visit to a concert planned sometime soon? Whether classical, pop or even rock is your cup of tea, the enjoyment can soon be clouded by the stress of sorting out travel plans. Considering that 30.6 million UK residents are attending a concert during 2023, making plans for these fun events is something that most people are likely to have on their radar now.

As Enfield based minibus hire specialists, at North London Van and Truck Hire we know how much organising goes into attending concerts. If you are attending in a group, the best solution is to hire a minibus instead of trying to plan carpools or coaches or paying for trains.

In this article, we will discuss the best minibus options for concerts and share the benefits of choosing this mode of transport.

Why Is Minibus Travel A Great Choice For Concerts?

Before we share which of our vehicles is the best choice for attending a concert, we wanted to explain some of the reasons why selecting one is the best option.

Travel For Groups

41% of people say they attend concerts to enjoy time with friends and family, proving that many travel in groups. A minibus is ideal as it can seat between 9 and 16 people comfortably instead of worrying about multiple modes of transport. This is also the most cost-effective method of travelling as it simply requires one petrol and one hiring fee which is split amongst all passengers, which works out affordable. This is also ideal if you have limited drivers amongst the group as it means you can still get everyone from A to B even if one person has a suitable licence.

Room For Baggage

Travelling to a concert also often means there are items in tow. This could be luggage if you are staying the night or even just bags and items that would take up additional space in a car or on the train. A minibus benefits from not just offering comfortable space for passengers but also ample room for the items they need to take with them.

Suitable For Parking

Another benefit of using a minibus is that it’s not much different to using a normal car. This means that it can use the same routes plus be parked in most car parks. All you will need to check is whether your venue has entry height limits. However, as most people travel to concerts on either minibus or via coach, this restriction is not normally in place.

Fun And Entertaining

Lastly, part of the excitement of attending a concert in a group is getting to enjoy the entire experience together. When you hire a minibus, you can start the party from the moment seatbelts are plugged in, as everyone is together in one space. You don’t need to worry about being loud or being split up beforehand, as your vehicle can be a unique space to start the good times from flowing. We think that turning on the tunes and chatting about the concert is an exciting part of the run-up, which can be carried out when you hire a minibus.

What Type Of Minibus Is Ideal For Travelling To A Concert?

What Type Of Minibus Is Ideal For Travelling To A Concert?

Now that you know why this type of transport is ideal for travelling to a concert, we will share which minibus is best for you.

We offer several types of models that are perfect for travel. Firstly, you should understand exactly how many passengers will need transport. Our minibuses can seat 9 or 12 passengers. When you understand how many seats are required, you can choose between a standard or executive vehicle. Both are fantastic options; it just depends on your budget and the features you are looking for.

Standard minibuses are a great option as they include all of the aspects you would expect. From comfortable seating to easy access, they provide a suitable solution in most instances. However, if you are wanting to make the occasion special we recommend an executive minibus.

An executive model has features that further enhance the overall experience of travelling to a concert. This includes extra-comfortable seating, AV technology, extra interior space and more room for storage. They are also perfect if you are travelling for a longer distance due to the plush interiors on offer.

Can Anyone Drive A Minibus?

Can Anyone Drive A Minibus?

Another benefit of choosing a minibus is the rules around who can drive on it. This is one of the reasons that our Enfield company is so popular, as our minibuses are accessible to many people. As long as you have a suitable licence with permissions or are transporting less than 16 people, anyone can drive a minibus.

If you are interested in hiring transport but do not have a suitable driver amongst your group, you can consider a microbus, which is different from a standard minibus.

What Are Some Additional Benefits Of Hiring A Minibus?

Using a minibus to travel to a concert is a great suggestion, as you will know after reading what we have shared in this article. Additional benefits are also available to anyone, not just passengers wanting to attend a concert. These are as follows:

  • Minibuses are a comfortable mode of transport which are perfect for use on either short or long journeys. You can also find more deluxe seating options if you select an executive model which adds even more luxury into the travel. This is a lovely way to make an event more special or to celebrate a unique occasion.
  • When you hire from our Enfield-based company, you can also benefit from improved flexibility in your hiring schedule. This means that if you want extra time on a leg of a journey or plan on visiting some other local attractions, you can book to match those requirements.
  • Minibuses are also safety assured, with all of the standard vehicle features you would expect to get around without problems. Our fleet is also regularly serviced and meets the top standards to ensure only safe and reliable vehicles are available to our customers.
  • Thanks to in-built vehicle tracking, you can also have peace of mind that if you run into trouble, our team can send support. Many people think rental companies track speed, but the reality is that the feature enhances safety and the overall hiring experience.
  • Lastly, the ability to select from a few different sizes of minibus ensures you are able to find the most cost-effective solution for your travel plans. Every empty seat essentially costs the passengers more money. By sourcing a vehicle ideal for your party size, you can balance your bank account plus do your bit for the environment at the same time by reducing separate journeys that would have to otherwise be made.

Why Choose North London Van And Truck Hire For Minibus Rentals?

Deciding to attend a concert is an exciting event which we want to ensure runs smoothly. At North London Van and Truck Hire, we provide easy minibus hire to facilitate journeys around the country. All of our vehicles are AA covered, ULEZ approved, and have a generous daily allowance of 150 miles, with additional allowance available at only 10p each.

We also provide competitive pricing with deposits at just £100 and an advantageous insurance excess of £1200. You can also return and collect your vehicle at a time of your choosing, plus our team will always do their best to meet any changing demands.

We also are able to support the purchase of minibuses and vans from our colleagues at Herts and Essex Van Sales should this be an alternative query you are interested in.

If you want to travel in style to your next concert, check out our complete terms and conditions or contact our team today. With our help, you can travel with ease to your upcoming concerts and shows!