The Best Minibus Hire for School Trips

With more than 90% of school children saying that trips improve their experiences, we don’t think the traditional school outing is set to disappear anytime soon. Whether you are responsible for moving around an entire class or a small group of pupils, choosing suitable transport is one of the main items to deal with.

At North London Van and Truck Hire (NLVTH), we specialise in minibus hire which is ideal for supporting school trips. We often get asked by our clients which van/bus is best to hire so in this article, we will share everything you need to understand about minibus hire for schools.

This article will cover everything from recommending the most suitable models to sharing the benefits of this mode of transport.

Why Is A Minibus Ideal To Hire For School Trips?

Before we turn the key on the ignition of the best minibus to hire for a school trip, we wanted to share some reasons why these vehicles are brilliant to use. Selecting a minibus is a simple and cost-effective method of transporting children around. The reasons for this are as follows:

  • Minibuses cost less to hire than a coach and, with 16 seats on average, can accommodate most of a class. You can even hire two minibuses, in most instances, for the price of one coach. With 47% of primary schools alone looking for ways to save money, this offers an enticing incentive for still being able to get children out and about without breaking the bank.
  • You can also select a minibus with special features or basic models, depending on what you need. No matter which one you choose, all minibuses are comfortable and spacious, with ample room for children who are both able-bodied or those who have special requirements.
  • Many people can also drive a minibus with a full driving licence plus parked in many standard car parks being restricted.
  • Schoolchildren tend to love a minibus as it provides the excitement of something new but still allows an intimate experience with their classmates. This helps to create a fun and friendly atmosphere that is perfect for ensuring any trip runs smoothly.
  • Lastly, a minibus is an environmentally friendly method of transportation which can feed into a school’s CSR objectives. This also teaches pupils about being more sustainable.

What Types Of Minibuses Are Best For School Trips?

What Types Of Minibuses Are Best For School Trips?

If you are wondering what the best minibus is for your pupils’ needs, your questioning can end now.

Firstly, you may have encountered a microbus before. The main difference between a minibus and a microbus is the number of seats, with a micro-vehicle offering less than 9 seats. This is not normally ideal for school trips, and the groups tend to be larger. For this reason, a minibus is often the best option to select. We offer a few different types of minibus, ranging from 9 to 12 seats.

If you are looking for a traditional model that includes all of the features you would expect, you can choose our 9-seat or 12-seat minibus. These vehicles include a manual transmission, safety belts, storage space and multiple entry doors to make travel easier. You can easily hire a couple of these minibuses if you have a larger group or save money if you only have a few pupils to transport versus using a coach. Furthermore, parents will likely be more fond of the idea of hiring a minibus as it is deemed a safer travel experience.

Should you be looking for something with a few more mod cons, an executive minibus is a great idea. These models contain all of the same features as standard designs but have a range of additional items. The most common features include microphones, screens, space for additional storage items, tables, corridor lighting and bigger seats with armrests. If you want to keep the cost down, a standard minibus is perfect, but if your trip is a special occasion or treat, an executive model is a nice consideration. Our Enfield minibuses are all ideal for school trips, so choosing the best option is easy.

The cost to hire a minibus will also differ based on your chosen model. Executive models do command a higher price tag but, in turn, offer enhanced value for money. We think if you have a smaller group, these vehicles are ideal. However, if you are looking for a way to transport children around while sticking to a budget, our 9- or 12-seat minibuses are a great choice.

Is It Safe For Children To Be Transported In A Minibus?

Another concern that teachers and parents have when choosing school trip transport for a child is safety. You will be pleased to know that a minibus offers a perfectly secure travel experience as long as the provided safety tools are utilised.

You should always ensure that a minibus for a school trip is fitted with seat belts. Another consideration is to ensure the vehicle is up to the highest standards with a full-service plan and valid MOT. When you hire from our North London company, these boxes are ticked.

All vehicles that are part of a fleet also contain some form of trackers. This allows the company to keep an eye on where they are should an issue arise. While the purpose of these trackers isn’t to monitor speed, they can track how fast a minibus is travelling, which can provide parents with even more peace of mind. Finally, it should also be noted that just like travelling in a car, all children must sit in the rear of the minibus.

How Can North London Van And Truck Hire Help When Selecting A Minibus For A School Trip?

How Can North London Van And Truck Hire Help When Selecting A Minibus For A School Trip?

All of our Enfield-base vehicles are of the highest standard making them perfect for use during school trips. Below we have listed some of the reasons why we are ideal for the needs of educational clients.

Reliable Solutions In Enfield And North London

All of our minibuses are ULEZ compliant, covered by AA breakdown support and regularly maintained by our team of experts. This ensures that any models hired offer ultimate safety which is essential for school travellers.  

Cost Effective Options

We have already confirmed how minibuses can save money but thanks to our generous daily allowance of 150 miles, the financial benefit is further enhanced. We also only requested a low deposition of £100 plus we offer an insurance excess of £1,200 which is very competitive. We can also half this cost for just £15 a day proving that we work hard to meet any budget that our customers have. 

Readily Available Fleet To Select From

You never have to worry about not being able to hire one of our London minibuses as we have a strong fleet of vehicles ready to select from. Our goal is to make travel easier for anyone from school groups to corporate events.

Spacious Vehicles Ideal For Students

Finally, all of our minibuses offer ample space for pupils and any adults that are travelling with them. This means that trips can be even more enjoyable plus guardians don’t have to worry about leaving essential materials and teaching  items behind. This enhanced space can also cater to pupils who may need extra room due to accessibility needs. Simply share these details in your booking request so that we can match you with the perfect minibus.

Hire a Minibus from NLVTH Today!

Are you ready to select the best minibus for your next school trip? You can find out more by viewing our terms and conditions or by simply contacting our team.

Also, if you are thinking of making a permanent purchase, we can put you in touch with our colleagues at the Herts and Essex Van Sales who specialise in providing top quality vehicles. This option is ideal if you take frequent trips or are just looking for a new vehicle to invest in.