The Best Minibus Hire for Tour Groups

Planning a successful tour is reliant on having the best transportation available. With guests having paid to attend, they will expect a comfortable and positive experience which is worth their investment. One of the best solutions, to keep tours personal and yet professional, is to hire a minibus.

Minibuses are not just ideal for airport transfers or attending a concert as a group; they offer the perfect travel experience for tour guests. In this article, we will share the best options we have available at North London Van and Truck Hire, plus let you know how to select the best minibus for your upcoming tour needs.

Keep reading if you want to know how to find the best minibus for a paying tour group.

Why Is A Minibus A Great Idea For Tour Groups?

In 2022, the UK’s tour operator market was worth around £9.4 billion. This large amount of revenue represents the large market pull that tour groups offer to both those attending staycations plus international tourists.

While many locations offer large bus tours, many also favour smaller groups, which provides a chance to experience visiting a place in a different way. Below, we have gathered some of our top reasons why these versatile vehicles are ideal for transporting tour groups.

  • Hiring a minibus for a tour is cost-effective as it means only having to pay once to hire a vehicle. These modes of transport can also be parked in regular spaces and use most roadways making them a reliable choice.
  • Further to the first point, being cost-effective also relates to being able to travel in an eco-friendly way. Using a minibus instead of multiple cars means that only one set of emissions is being produced for a journey.
  • Minibuses allow everyone in a group to travel together in one vehicle. This is not always the case if you are using microbuses or cars. Hiring a minibus means that people are able to bond better during the travel experience. This is also a benefit if using a minibus for other purposes such as school trips or sporting away games. This benefit also means that everyone is able to keep to the same schedule, which helps the overall proceedings of the tour stay on track.
  • Transporting a tour group via minibus also reduces stress for the passengers as there is no need for them to worry about making their own way to certain points.

Finally, minibuses are also safety assured, especially models that are hired from professional companies like us. As well as the fact that vehicles are regularly serviced, features such as vehicle tracking ensures that if anyone runs into trouble, support can be sent to the correct location straight away. Furthermore, as speed is tracked it encourages drivers to use the vehicles wisely.

What Should The Best Minibuses Include For Tour Groups?

With the UK guided tour industry having increased in value to be worth more than £10 billion in 2023, it’s clear that people are willing to spend on the right opportunities. This means that any old type of transport won’t do as instead, people expect value after having spent to attend the event.

Here are a few boxes that a minibus should tick when transporting around tour groups:

Plenty Of Storage

One of the main differences between minibus and microbus is a lack of storage due to the smaller overall capacity. When people attend a tour, they expect to have enough space to store any items safely. This includes not only bags but also accessories like prams.

Additionally, tour operators will need space to tidy away their accessories. Minibuses with side, ceiling and under seat storage are ideal for touring groups.

Accessibility For Less Abled Travellers

Another consideration when choosing the best minibus for any form of group travel is to ensure that the needs of different travellers have been met. This includes passengers of all ages and different accessibility needs, including wheelchair storage. You should also look for minibuses that include handy grab bars and removable ramps should your group include those who need additional modifications to travel with ease.

Amenities And Special Features

You will also likely want to consider additional features such as lighting, AV systems, and even tables for eating. The best way to ensure that your chosen minibus meets your needs is to plan the itinerary beforehand. You will then easily understand what mod-cons the travellers will expect and also look at ways to add value to their experiences.


Lastly, you should understand how much it costs to hire a minibus before even selling tickets to the tour. This is important as you will need to find a vehicle to hire that fits within a budget so that a profit can still be made even after other costs such as refreshments, entry to attractions and petrol have been covered.

As well as taking time to understand the actual cost to hire, you should also look at what insurance options are available from the hiring company. At NLVTH, we offer an affordable deposit of £100 plus quality insurance with an excess of £1,200. The cost to hire also includes AA hire, 150 miles of daily travel allowance plus access to vehicles that are serviced every 5,000 miles.

What Minibus Do We Recommend For Tour Groups?

Now that you pretty much know everything there is to understand about hiring a minibus, you should feel more confident about selecting the perfect vehicle for your travel plans. To make that decision even easier, we are confident in recommending a couple of different types of minibuses which you can select from. 

We offer both 9 and 12-seat minibuses, so firstly, you can ensure that enough space is available for all guests. For budget tours, we recommended our standard minibuses, which still include many of the features outlined in this article.

However, if you are looking to make a real impression on guests, you can’t go wrong with an executive minibus. These vehicles offer more space and additional features such as AV systems, plush seats and even options to rest with ease during travel. With not too much in the price, selecting a higher quality vehicle is a great way to invest in a business, as we all know how important positive feedback is on attracting new clients.

Why Are North London Van And Truck Ideal For Hiring Minibuses For Tour Groups?

At North London Van and Truck Hire, we provide simple minibus hire to facilitate journeys around the country. All of our vehicles are ULEZ approved and have a generous daily allowance of 150 miles, with additional allowance available at only 10p each. This means that even if the route of a tour changes, hirers don’t have to worry about spiralling costs and restrictive contracts.

We also are able to support the purchase of minibuses and vans from our colleagues at Herts and Essex Van Sales should this be an alternative query you are interested in. This is ideal if you are a tour operating company who would firstly like to trial things with a hire but then invest in a permanent vehicle to keep costs down. However for short term hires, our minibus rentals are a brilliant option.

You will also find, when you explore our website, that we are passionate about supporting any queries that you may have when it comes to hiring a minibus. With articles covering everything from who can drive a minibus to which vans should be chosen, we have information available for all needs.

Our minibuses are ideal if you want to source a minibus that will keep travellers happy and facilitate memorable tours. Check out our complete terms and conditions, or contact our team today. With our help, you can manage professional tours visiting any location!