What Do You Need to Hire a Van in the UK?

If you have never hired a vehicle before, let alone a van, it could be difficult to know what you need to provide in order to legally hire one. This process isn’t any easier when there are some people who offer vehicles to hire, that shouldn’t be allowed.

In this blog, we will answer the question ‘What do you need to hire a van in the UK?’

North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd is here to provide solutions for you. With over 30 years of experience under our belts, our services are valued and recognised in North London and beyond. Our expertise is to help you find the right van, for the right job.

Our fleet includes small, medium and large vans, in addition to mini buses, automatic vans, electric vans and more!

When do you need to hire a van?

Hiring a van can help you in a variety of situations, it is also dependent on the kind of van you hire too. That being said, vans aren’t usually people’s go-to vehicle, the size, and handling can be an issue for some.

Most, if not all the time, vans are used specifically to transport items that a regular vehicle can’t contain. If you don’t own your own van, this is where van hire comes into play. Hiring a van could save you money that would otherwise be spent using a service that transports your items for you, but possibly without the care and handling you would prefer.

This is why hiring a van can be a better option for some, as you are in control and responsible for the items you transport.

Is there a downside to hiring a van?

Not really. Hiring a van is like hiring any other vehicle, you are responsible for it. So, if there is a downside, it is that you have to take extra care of it to make sure it is not any worse than when you hired it.

Do I need a different licence to drive a van?

No. A standard driving licence is enough to be qualified to drive a van. Anything larger than a van (over 3.5 tonnes) would require a heavy goods licence.

What do you need to hire a van in the UK?

What do you need to hire a van in the UK?

When it comes to North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd, we require the following information when it comes to hiring one of our vans…

  • Driving Licence — Must be held for at least 12 months, with no serious endorsements.
  • Proof Of Address (Utility Bill, Bank Statement).
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • DVLA Check Code (of the driver)

We will also explain the importance of each piece of information we require.

Driving licence

A driving licence is required in order to ensure you are legally allowed to drive in the first place. Both the person intending to hire the vehicle, and the driver (if they aren’t the same person) should provide a driving licence.

Proof of address

The proof of address is for us to confirm your residence, should we need to send our vehicle to you, or recover it. Proof of address is also a secondary confirmation of your identity.

Credit or debit card

Credit or debit card is necessary in order to confirm and facilitate your hire. Cash transactions may be available on request (though this is not guaranteed).

DVLA Check code

Providing a DVLA Check code is the way we can see for ourselves your driving history, including any points, or other issues that are important in deciding who we hire our vehicles to.

Who can hire a van?

As long as you provide the information we specified previously, anyone can hire a van. There may be exceptions in your hiring ability with us if your driving history is displays that your driving is too unsafe for our vans.

That being said, we do have an age requirement of 25 years old. We do provide an exception to anyone aged between 21-24, but this comes at a higher rate.

How long can I hire a van for?

The length of time you can hire a van isn’t limited. We pre-agree the duration of your hiring period and calculate a price based on that, along with the size of the van you are using.

Should you require the van for longer than intended, there can be instances in which we extend the hiring period. However, this is not something to tell us the day before the vehicle is due back.

You should let us know as soon as possible, so we can make necessary arrangements. As the van you hired have been hired by someone else after you were supposed to return it. Neglecting to tell us this can have serious implications on our general arrangements, and your suitability to hire vans from us in the future.

Is it better to hire an electric van?

Eco-friendly options are always the better option, especially if the purpose of the vehicle isn’t any different. However, we would recommend hiring an electric van only if there are charging ports within your vicinity, should you need to charge the van during your usage.

At the moment, electric charging stations are slowly being implemented, it will take time before they become a standard inclusion in every street in the UK. The last thing you want is to lose power whilst using the van, in an area with little to no chargers!

Van Hire 101 — What to look out for

Van Hire 101 — What to look out for

Unfortunately, when it comes to hiring vans, or indeed any vehicle, there are less than reputable characters looking to make fast money. This means that there are a few key issues that they overlook in order to get their vehicles hired.

As a result of this, if you follow through and hire a vehicle from them, you could be putting yourself at risk of injury, legal issues, and more.

Here are some signs you should be weary of when it comes to hiring vans.

  • They do not ask for any of the requirements we mentioned previously.
  • The van is not maintained to an adequate level.
  • The van has damages that can, or already, impact the operation of the vehicle.
  • They provide a different vehicle than the one you chose to hire.
  • There is no legal paperwork to fill.
  • Key parts of the vehicle are faulty or damaged, such as lights, locks, and doors.
  • The tires have little to no tread in them.
  • No age requirement to hire the van.

What should van hire vehicles be like?

Any van up for hire should comply with the following points in order to prove it is useable, legal, and safe.

  • Regularly maintained and serviced (With relevant history available upon request.)
  • A legal level of tread within its tires.
  • All features of the vehicle working correctly.
  • No outstanding performance issues
  • No issues that can develop further, such as cracks on windows.

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