What is a Minibus?

Do you have a requirement coming up that a minibus would be the perfect solution for? If so, you may be surprised to learn that there are many different types to select from, all of which offer a variety of benefits. There are also some rules to consider when hiring a minibus, which means selecting the right one is essential.

This article continues on the blog we shared about which van is best to hire by shining the headlights on what minibuses are best. At North London Van and Truck Hire Ltd, we specialise in minibus hire, making us the perfect people to share these insights.

To learn which vehicle is perfect for your travel needs, keep reading.

When Are Minibuses Ideal To Use?

Before choosing what type of minibus is best for you, it’s a good ideal to understand on what occasions they will come in handy. The reason for this is because it may be in fact better for you to select a different mode of transport based on the requirements you have.

A minibus is a vehicle that can standardly transport between 9 and 16 passengers. The large number of seats means the vehicles are often used for travel needs both on long and shorter-term journeys. Minibuses also offer varying amounts of storage space, making them ideal for trips where people have suitcases or equipment to travel with. They are safe to use, as each seat is fitted with belts, making them perfect for passengers of all ages.

If you need to travel with a larger group of people by road, then a minibus is a great solution to investigate.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Minibus

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Minibus

When choosing between minibus models, you should essentially create a shortlist of non-negotiables. This is one of our top tips when considering everything you need to know about minibus hire, as it’s the best way to source a vehicle ideal for your needs. Here are a few things we think you should plan for when hiring a minibus:

  • Know what type of budget you will realistically need to have. Costs are not only determined by the vehicle you choose to hire but also by other factors such as location of pick up and drop off, duration of hire and specialist requests. You can click this link to learn how much it is to hire a minibus.
  • Any specialist considerations, such as passengers with disabilities or seats for young children, are also important to be aware of.
  • Although anyone with a standard UK driving licence can operate a minibus under certain conditions, thought must be paid to those who can drive a minibus. This is important as, in some scenarios, special licences are required.
  • You can also select between different interior features such as microphones, travel tables and lighting. In examples such as hiring a minibus for a guided tour, these types of features are essential to get right.
  • Journey needs and logistics will have an impact on the model you select, with some being better suited than others for certain needs. Elements such as the terrain type and length of journey are important to consider.

What Minibuses Are Available For Hire From North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd?

Now that you are clued up on considerations you should think about when hiring a minibus, allow us to introduce our fleet of vehicles. Alongside our wide range of vans and trucks to hire, we provide a selection of popular minibus models that have been proven time and again to make transportation tasks easier for customers across the UK.

Below, we have included a rundown of our models, plus recommendations for when they are best to hire. Click this link to book any of our minibuses for hire.

9 Seat Minibus

This is the most compact of our available models with space to comfortably fit 9 passengers including the driver. If you are travelling with minimal equipment or bags, this solution is best as it is slimmer in design than some of our other options.

As a manual transmission, it’s affordable to run. The design includes three doors, one for each passenger at the front and a side door for easy access. If you are looking for a traditional-style minibus to get you from A to B, this is the best solution available.

9 Seat Executive Minibus

If you are still looking to seat 9 passengers but need a bit more space, this executive model is ideal. Executive minibuses are intended for longer  journeys with more items on board which is reflected in the additional space available.

They are also higher-spec than traditional 9-seater minibuses, with features such as padded seats and enhanced interior technology often available. Executive minibuses still have the same number of doors, but access is often made easier as interiors also feature layouts, including aisles, making it simpler for passengers to get on board.

Executive minibuses are also often better for travel if you do have disabled passengers on board as many contain room for equipment like wheelchairs plus include features such as ramps. If you are planning on travelling for a longer journey, are looking to provide an elevated experience or have more items to transport, an executive model is perfect.

12 Seat Minibus

The largest minibus we have available is our selection of 12-seat minibuses, which offer ample space for both passengers and their travel items. Due to the size, drivers may need to seek extra permissions to drive, but that is a process we can advise you on.

These minibuses are incredibly reliable, safety enhanced and offer comfortable travel experiences even when filled to full capacity. They also offer a seamless driving experience, even for longer travel, plus can be easily parked in most regular areas.

If you are taking a long road trip or have a lot of people and items to transport, a 12-seater minibus is the best solution.

Hire Your Ideal Minibus From NLVTH Today!

Hire Your Ideal Minibus From NLVTH Today!

After reading this article, you should feel empowered to select the best minibus for your needs. Choosing a model that is perfect for your requirements allows for efficient journeys to be made possible in every sense of the word.

Below are just a few reasons why we have already had many happy customers:

  • We offer low-security deposits and affordable hiring fees. We don’t agree with hidden costs cropping up, so when you hire through us, you know you are receiving an honest solution.
  • We also offer a daily allowance of 150 miles, which is much higher than most hiring agents. Do you need to travel more than this? No worries, as we only charge 10p per extra mile.
  • All vehicles are maintained to the highest standards, adding even more to the value that we provide.
  • We’re also ULEZ compliant, which covers all of our available vehicles for hire.
  • Flexibility is also something we think is important. As such, we offer a generous collection and delivery period at either our Tottenham or Enfield branches.
  • Insurance is also important to consider when hiring a minibus. To take any stress away, we offer an insurance excess of only £1,200 which is also uniquely modified depending on driver needs.
  • Worried about running into trouble when hiring a minibus? Fear not, as all hires are covered by AA support, which we will guide you through the process of using.

These benefits, coupled with our generous terms and conditions, mean our minibus hiring service is one of the best around.

Furthermore, if you are looking to make a permanent purchase, we can also support this thanks to our connections with Herts and Essex Van Sales. The team are trusted by people across the UK and offer excellent quality vehicles to invest in. To find out more about booking one of our reliable minibuses, please contact our team today.