In this blog, we will answer the question ‘Who regulates van hire companies in the UK?’

Any number of businesses that offers the same service, such as hiring vehicles should be subject to a regulator, the same way in which the DVSA is responsible for improving safety standards for vehicles amongst other things.

In this blog, we will answer the question ‘Who regulates van hire companies in the UK?’

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What is a regulator?

A regulator is a form of managing complex systems according to a set of rules and trends. The understanding of the term changes based on the context. In the context of this blog, the simple way of explaining a regulator, is an official body that oversees and works to solve, and improve the state of what it is regulating.

A simple example is HMRC, they are the regulator for tax in the UK.

Every industry requires a regulator, without them, unregulated industries can take advantage of customers. Unfortunately, it does take time for a regulatory body to be formed for a new industry.

This is because data must be collected, and plans must be created in order to understand and find solutions to fix any issues that the regulator finds for the industry in question.

Is anyone exempt from a regulatory body?

Not exactly, certain regulatory bodies only apply to people within a certain industry, whether they are a company owner or worker. That being said, almost everyone has in some way or another been subject to a regulatory body.

A common example being Ofsted, who carry out inspections in schools. The results of their inspections can lead to changes within schools if there is a problem that seems to be a common theme amongst schools.

Are all regulatory bodies funded by the government?

All regulatory bodies work within policies that highlight the budget and salary set by the government. That being said, some regulatory bodies such as the BVRLA offer memberships. Memberships offer a whole host of additional benefits, whilst providing extra funding to the regulatory body itself.

Government spending determines the amount allocated to any regulatory body, which can be an issue if it receives less than it did before. This means that worthwhile incentives such as memberships become an option.

Who regulates van hire companies in the UK?

Who regulates van hire companies in the UK?

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association, also known as the BVRLA is responsible for regulating van hire companies in the UK. It represents over 1000 companies that are within vehicle rental, leasing and fleet management.

They are responsible for one in ten of all vehicles on UK roads, which totals to around 4 million cars, vans, and trucks.

The BVRLA works in association with regulators, policymakers, and public sector agencies to ensure that road transport works to provide benefits economically, socially and environmentally.

To become a member of the BVRLA, you must be operating within one or more of the following categories…

  • Broker
  • Rental and car club
  • Leasing
  • Fleet
  • Supplier

As a result of becoming a member, you earn the following benefits…

  • Industry representation
  • Knowledge sharing – As a member, you are informed and updated on the latest industry news that could benefit or affect you.
  • Reputation enhancing – Being a member of the BVRLA ensures that your company has an official stamp of approval. It shows that you are a professional company who adheres to the BVRLA’s code of conduct. This can make the difference amongst other companies who do not have a relationship with an official regulatory body.
  • Learning and development – The BVRLA has many learning opportunities including instructor led training courses, accreditations, webinars and much more.
  • Dispute resolution—The BVRLA provides a government approved alternative dispute resolution services. This ensures that you can provide your customers with an alternative and impartial body should you be unable to resolve a dispute with them.
  • Customer qualification – The BVRLA has a database which is provided to members, this database identifies ‘problem customers’ which are individuals or companies which pose a risk should you decide to rent to them. This can be incredibly helpful during the customer qualification process.

For a full list of the BVRLA benefits, click here.

What happens if hire companies are not regulated?

There are many issues that can occur as a result of hire companies not being regulated, this includes…

  • There is no official list of rules that the hire company has to comply to aside from British laws that relating to hiring. This means that individual hire companies can freely set their own rules, which could end up being an issue for the customer.
  • If there are no regulators, hire companies are not held to any standard, this makes it increasingly difficult for customers to know which hire companies are reputable or not.
  • Without a regulator, issues within the industry become difficult to find and address. Innovative solutions become difficult to implement.
  • The working relationships that regulators have with other agencies can be a benefit to anyone associated with the regulator. Having no regulator can mean that certain processes can take even longer.

What happens if I don’t comply with a regulator?

If a regulator is verified by the government, you should always comply with them. Failure to do so can lead to fines, prison time and other consequences, although this is subject to the issue that requires your compliance.

Are North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd BVRLA members?

Yes. We are members of the BVRLA, this ensures peace of mind for anybody looking to hire our vans. We are regulated by the BVRLA to make sure our services, vehicles, processes, and everything else is up to standard.

As a result, as a customer, you are also protected by the benefits provided by the BVRLA.

Hiring a van online

With North London Van & Truck Hire Ltd, our hiring process is incredibly efficient and simple. Here is what you need to do.

  1. Head to our website
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  4. After choosing the van, follow on to the next page, where you can select any add-ons you may require.
  5. After selecting add-ons, follow on to the next page, where you need to enter personal details.
  6. If your personal details comply with our requirements, we will present a quote, which you can decide to pay, or try another service.
  7. If you are happy with this quote, we arrange a time for you to come to the showroom, view the van, and complete the rental process by verifying the required documentation.

Where to hire vans

Where to hire vans

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